Manse & JAKKO & Killogy feat. Delaney Jane – Don’t Look Back |Armada Trice|

Big melodies, dope grooves, huge drops and what matters most: emotions. That’s what you get when three of the most promising producers out there team up to create a track.

Manse‘s unique capability to instil emotion into his melodies and tell a story through his productions and Jakko‘s uplifting progressive rhythms and trailing electro influences merge with Killogy‘s intriguing well-crafted style to deliver “Don’t Look Back”. 

By marrying together their own musical imprints of big-room and progressive house with Delaney Jane’s amazing vocals they managed to create a masterpiece that Armada Trice is proud of.

Don’t Look Back” is a mix of refined taste, passion, and hard work that derives from four different regions: Sweden, Italy, Brazil and Canada.

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