Jus Jack – Stargazing (Mapa Remix) |TBM/Armada|

Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The year was 1986. The Ski Patrol gang was ready for action, choreographing a dance that was in no way cocaine related.

Needless to say, Mapa and The Bearded Man were two of the bright young stars of the ski patrol crew. They hadn’t saved any lives, but damn — they looked great in their red jumpsuits!

More importantly, they were incredibly arrogant, which is really all that matters in the world of ski patrolling for a living. During one of their many late night ski patrol jacuzzi parties, Mapa had the bright idea to take pool chairs from around the big hot tub at the lodge and throw them into the water.

The depth was perfect. You could lay on the deck chairs in the heated pool with just your head out of the water. It was perfect timing, as coincidentally the Geminid meteor shower was out in full force that night. The two sat in the tub, with 5 of their biggest fans and groupies joining them at their side.

Icicles were forming on their exposed heads and beards but they didn’t mind. It was some of the most epic “Stargazing” ever. It reminded The Bearded Man of the time he was in Greenland with Jus Jack — a similar experience, but this was still somehow uniquely special.