Dannic feat. Aïrto – Light The Sky |Revealed|

Revealed mainstay Dannic has teamed up with Dutch vocalist Aïrto for a slice of immaculately crafted progressive house titled ‘Light the Sky’ – out March 11th through Revealed Recordings. On ‘Light the Sky’ Dannic reminds us exactly why he is considered such a vital artist in the dance sphere with an exquisitely composed dance anthem, whilst Aïrto signals his arrival on the scene with a pitch perfect vocal track.

Introspective and atmospheric, ‘Light in the sky’ incorporates the luscious waves of synth that Dannic has become synonymous with, alongside delicate electric guitar lines, chiming high notes, and ethereal piano riffs, demonstrating further his compositional adaptability. Rising singer Aïrto’s falsetto vocals add a sense of grandeur to the track, and his appearance here elevates the ‘Light the Sky’ to breath-taking heights.

On ‘Light the Sky’ Dannic once again emerges as an essential figure in progressive house, taking the current trends of the genre to brand new territories and fearlessly experimenting with his own established sound. Catch ‘Light the Sky’ from March 11th onwards, through Revealed Recordings.

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