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Welcomed with open arms onto Swanky Tunes’  imprint, Sunstars have teamed up with SISSA for a viral new record entitles ‘Talk’. Proving themselves worthy of the big leagues, this track is set for mainstages and festival arenas all around the globe, and it’s all we can talk about.

Sunstars are Alberto, Andrea and Luigi, a trio of young Italian Dj/Producers from Parma, born in 1994 and 1996. They met four years ago and immediately built a solid friendship and a great musical feeling. The boys started producing original tracks from the outset and at the same time had the opportunity to improve their djeeing skills with the residency in one of the hottest clubs in their hometown. Their influences vary from electro to progressive house music and they are working hard to build a solid future in the dance industry. After gaining a strong underground credibility they were lucky enough to do an official remix for Benny Bennassi’s latest hit “Let This Last Forever” ft Gary Go which allowed them to be noticed by a major label.

SISSA is a songwriter, a musician, a singer and dj & producer. Born in Italy from Brazilian mother and Italian father, multi-instrumentalist by the age of 8 years old, is formed in jazz piano and then continued his studies by learning guitar, bass and drums. After gaining experience playing almost every kind of genres, in 2004 was piqued by interest in electronic music, driven by desire to experiment new sounds. Thanks to the strong musical background, the move into dance music has been quick and fast growing. In recent years SISSA has earned a prominent place as a writer, producer and remixer in the national and international scene.

Talk’ will be available March 14th on Showland Records label.

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