Andero – Sunrise |CODE RED|

One of Sweden its best kept secrets is no longer a secret. After releases on Code Red and Sosumi, Andero proved he is here to stay.

The constant flow of quality house tunes coming from his studio keeps surprising us. Every time Andero sends us a new track we are blown away by it. “Sunrise” was no different story and is one the secret ID tracks that Code Red‘s mastermind, Marcus Schössow, has been playing for months.

“Sunrise” is one of early tracks that Andero sent to us. Though the bassline is quite heavy, it’s perfectly balanced, creating a solid groove and disco vibe.

In the break “Sunrise” starts to open up to unleash all its energy in the drop. The organic sounds of Andero his latest battle weapon give the track its distinguishing sound, making it something we just had to share with you and the rest of the world.

With his previous release “Spectrum” Andero gained a lot of respect from both colleagues and fans. It motivated the Swedish DJ/producer to push it to the next level.

We can already assure you that a lot of cool tunes are coming up really soon. Andero also started with his own podcast to share his favorite music with the fans.

Like we said before: Andero is here to stay and to make the industry a bit groovier. Especially in that last thing he is succeeding quite well. It is one the reasons that Code Red’s chief Marcus Schössow has so much faith in his fellow countryman.

And with such high quality productions coming from the Andero studio, it won’t come as a surprise his next release is already scheduled. However, let’s stay focused on the present: “Sunrise” will be out March 21 and once again proves Andero’s huge talent!

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