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Creativity at Code Red comes first. Artists shouldn’t be limited by genres or expectations; they need to produce whatever they feel like producing. As a label you need to embrace artists that step outside their comfort zone and explore their capabilities. When Jaz von D told us about the project he was working on and showed the first parts of it, we were sold. The Dutch DJ/producer looked into the mirror and made an EP containing music he really feels, not being limited by genres or target audiences. That is why Jaz von D his release is called ‘Reflection EP’, because it is a musical reflection.

This EP wouldn’t be a real reflection of Jaz von D without something we can go crazy at. For “Reflection”, the Dutchman joined forces with BYNON. Their collaboration is an energetic progressive house track, but without getting too big and heavy. It was premiered by none other than Hardwell himself. So no complaints about the early support!

Jaz von D his ‘Reflection EP’ is what it claims to be: A reflection of the Dutchman his musical preferences and capabilities. He followed his heart and got creative without any limitations. This EP really is Jaz von D. And though every track is totally different, they are all loved equally. Jaz even went to Sweden himself to master the EP. It shows how much time and effort went in this project and how important it is to him. Because ‘Reflection EP’ isn’t just a beautiful EP containing four masterpieces, it’s also Jaz von D reinventing himself and stepping out of his comfort zone exploring his creativity. We’re happy at Code Red that Jaz von D wanted to take this step with us and we can finally share it with you.

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