Magnificence & Kerano feat. Charles – Breathing |Doorn/Spinnin’|

Magnificence and Kerano feature Charles’ voice to create a masterpiece. “Breathing” is the title of their upcoming track, which will be out on Doorn/Spinnin’ Records on March 21st.

The talented Dutch DJ duo with the help of the humble Indian producer are changing the sound of progressive house as we know it.

Kerano has worked in the studio over the past few months with his team pushing him continuously to make things better and not be content, while Magnificence are perfecting the art of producing a wildly different sound while staying totally relevant at the same time.

“I realize how important it is to have people around you who don’t just applaud you at every step but are also there to give you constructive criticism. It’s true that hard work pays off and I am happy that I now have TWO big releases over the next two months!”, Kerano said in a recent FB post.