Jakko, Matthew White & Lonczinski – No One Else |Liboo Music|

Two of Brazil’s most talented producers joined forces with the most sought-after Canadian singer-songwriter. Jakko and Lonczinski featured Matthew Steeper‘s amazing voice to create the track titled “No One Else“, which will be released on Liboo Music / Sony Brazil. Their new track was premiered by Nicky Romero on his latest Protocol Radio show and made us wanna download it right away.

Lucas Bojakowski, aka JAKKO, is a DJ and music producer based in Rio de Janeiro. Through years of self-teaching himself the art of producing, young JAKKO grew up fascinated by melodies. Encouraged by his father, a classical music lover, he grew up listening to a wide range of classical composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach

Lonczinski is dubbed as the “Brazilian Alesso”, as he makes up nearly all his live set with mashups and own versions. In 2013 he was nominated as “The Next Big Sound ” by Billboard and since then he has reached an incredible popularity on the internet, and caught the attention of big names in electronic music.

Based in Los Angeles, Matthew Steeper is a multi-talented person -singer-songwriter-producer focusing on progressive house and pop.  This week was a special day for him as both of his very first featured single and his very last one broke one million plays on the same exact day. “Coincidence? I think not. But while “No One” with Project 46 took 3 years, “Breathe” with Slander Adam K and HALIENE only took 1 month. CRAZY.”he says.

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