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Still Young, a duo signed under Steve Angello’s imprint, after releasing their debut solo track “Midnight” on SIZE Records, which climbed to the Beatport Top 10 Progressive chart, proudly announces the release date of the forthcoming “Finally EP” that includes five tracks.

The upcoming selection of songs, with which the up and rising producers will raise awareness of their talent and music taste, includes the collaboration with Ollie James titled as “On Your Side” and “Fallen Skies” featuring Cazzie. Stay tuned for the other tracks as we reach the day of the Finally EP release on March 11th.

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Born and bred within the roots of dance music, Still Young sought out and garnered the support of one solitary artist Steve Angello. Talented and eclectic, Still Young has filled the ears of millions of listeners already.

“Being able to express yourself musically, with no limits, no worries of judgement, no worries of success or failures, and having a record label, (Size Records) as well as a close team believing in what u do, has been the biggest blessing throughout the creative process of the ‪#‎FinallyEP‬ The story is unfolding beautifully and so happy that our fans are connecting!”, Still Young said.

The music of enigmatic Still Young is already familiar to many, with their remix of ‘You’ by Galantis having been named WMC Tune of the Year in 2014. Their latest releases on Size – a collaboration with Simon De Jano and Madwill entitled ‘Temptation’ and ‘Check This Out’, a collaboration with Michael Brun – have helped them to solidify their status as major players on the label. Back with an impressive mixture of dancefloor fillers and collaborations with dance music’s finest vocalists (Ollie James & CazziOpeia), ‘Finally’ enforces Still Young’s vision of letting the music speak for itself.

The ‘Finally’ EP exhibits what Still Young can bring to the dance music world, encapsulating their skills and proving their worth as members of the SIZE family.


Beatport – Club Mixes only 

1. Still Young Feat. Ollie James – On Your Side (Club Mix)

2. Still Young – Insignia (Club Mix)

3. Still Young – Rock N Rolla (Club Mix)

4. Still Young – Dreams (Club Mix)

5. Still Young feat. CazziOpeia – Fallen Skies (Club Mix)

All Other DSP – Radio Mix Only

1. Still Young Feat. Ollie James – On Your Side

2. Still Young – Insignia

3. Still Young – Rock N Rolla

4. Still Young – Dreams

5. Still Young feat. CazziOpeia – Fallen Skies

F%CK YAH! #FinallyEP

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