Feenixpawl ft. Strange Talk – Everything I Needed |Eclypse|

You have needs; we all do. Sometimes what you need makes sense; sometimes it does not. Perhaps what you need is a brand new lyric video from Feenixpawl and Strange Talk. If so, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly the need we are happy to help satisfy for you today.

Feenixpawl, the Australian electronic dance music duo of Aden Forte and Josh Soon, has linked up with Strange Talk, the Australian synth-pop duo, for the song “Everything I Needed on Eclypse Records“. We caught up with both groups to learn more about how the collaboration happened.

“We’ve known Strange Talk for many years — we all come from Melbourne, and we’ve talked about working on something together for such a long time,” says Feenixpawl. “We feel that this track is a true reflection of both our styles, and we had so much fun working on it. We just hope people love listening to it as much as we loved making it. It’s definitely a ‘jump around your living room in your underwear’ kinda track.”

“We’ve actually had that topline sitting on our computer for awhile,” says Strange Talk. “It was something we co-wrote years ago but never used, so we decided to send it to Feenixpawl, who we’ve been mates with for years, and they loved it and wanted to use it. We re-cut the vocals and tweaked a few things and the rest is history. Lyrically, the song explores how the impact of loss can just as quickly become the gain of something even better.”

Everything I Needed” is officially out Mar. 4, but you can pre-order it on iTunes this Friday. Watch the new lyric video above.

Via: www.redbull.com

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