Rulez & Marone – Oblivion |Free Download|

Newly established duo Rulez & Marone from Italy deliver an awesome production that will make you wanna push the repeat. The track is called “Oblivion” and according to Matteo Rullo & Francesco Marone it represents the state of human confusion, disturbed by the constant presence of voices that haunt him:

OBLIVION means the loss of right path”

Since they were young, they’ve been sharing a common passion for music, the magic ingredient of their friendship recipe. Now Rulez & Marone have a personal studio for producing and editing their works, which is another small step on the path to the realization of their dreams. (Did we mention it’s a free download? No we did not)


OBLIVION. Available for free download on our soundcloud profile. #rulezandmarone #oblivion #newmusic #progressive #edm #ableton #buddha #videooftheday #followme #studio #smashthefuckingitaly

Ένα βίντεο που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης RULEZ & MARONE (@rulezandmarone) στις

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