PYLOT – A Race Against Time |Monstercat|

Pylot is a captivating story in which the page turns with every release. The story is rooted in a man who lost all memories in a brutal mugging.

Because of the emblem on his leather jacket matched to the plate on his motorcycle, he only recognizes himself as Pylot.

Now he is on a journey to pick up the pieces of his life and perhaps find retribution against those who put him in this situation.

With every single, Pylot finds more out about himself and documents his findings in his journal.

The experience creates a thrill ride of dramatic irony for the listeners to tag along as Pylot pieces together the clues that may lead to the discovery of his own identity. 

The first step towards his memories is done on Monstercat: Inspired by sounds of the past, the mystery intensifies in the present. “A Race Against Time“has begun.

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