Magic Sword – Legend of the Keeper |SIZE|

Steve Angello has premiered on his latest BBC Radio1 Residency an exclusive track, which will be released by SIZE Records, as part of his label’s 2016 Relaunch.

The amazing production must be Magic Sword’s latest creation and it is called “Legend of the Keeper“. Even though the title hasn’t been announced yet the style and the hunting melody proves that’s the latest track of this mysterious American SynthWave producers.

While the members of Magic Sword prefer to maintain their anonymity—its founding member prefers to be referred to only as “the Keeper”—he is fairly forthcoming when it comes to the origin of the project. However, the duo hails from Boise, where Hewlett Packard is based.  Magic Sword makes quite fantastical, 80s influenced, instrumental electronic music. The two masked, glow-sword-wielding druids from the planet Boise whose music sounds like Daft Punk scoring an ’80s sci-fi epic.

With signature waves of arpeggios and ringing melodies he transports the listener to an otherwordly place. Some of his distinguishing tunes are “A New Hope”, which is not only a mid paced synthetic lullaby, but also warm and inviting with a slight chill coming from some icy synth work.

Another track is “Discover”, which shows Magic Swords more upbeat, Italo side. Moodier than A New Hope, Discover brings out some dark Moroder styling and big retro stabs in a track that plays an oppressive mood against bright optimistic chords for a feeling of triumph over adversity.

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