Kryder – Crocodile Tears |White Label|

Kryder is an EDM pioneer and one of the most active producers. Since the beginning of 2015, he’s been releasing tracks that have been played from the most renowned artists worldwide… even if he’s not in last year’s Top 100 DJs (!).

So Sosumi’s boss has been playing this track for some time now with the first play taking place in Redlight party during ADE 2015.

According to most music sites and blogs the title of his upcoming solo-production was “Crocodile Tears” and just a few days Steve Angello himself played it on his BBC Radio1 residency, proving that we have to do with one of the most promising tracks for 2016.

The result is something more than a flawless production: It’s a pure groovy progressive hyper bomb, whose haunting melody will make you feel and move like never before.

How nice to see the mastermind of Sosumi Records and Groove Cartel at this level. We don’t know though the label under which it’ll be signed (White Label).

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