Eric Prydz has established an insurmountable reign over progressive house this year. Following an immensely successful Generatetour and the resounding impact of his classically-inspired track “Opus,” the latter half of 2015 has seen a switch of focus to his Pryda alias and namesake label.

VOL III has just absolutely smashed all sales records across any Pryda release since the start of the label in 2004!! I am absolutely overwhelmed by your reaction and response to PR(10)DA, it is so humbling to have such great fans! PR(10)DA represents 10 years of great memories and emotions for me & I am SO pleased you have followed me on this journey…”, Eric Rrydz wrote on his FB page.

This is of course because Pryda Recordings is celebrating a decade with Pryda 10. The third EP concludes three beautiful months in which volumes I & II saw consecutive releases. If you want our opinion: this might be the best EP of the three.

The epic tracklist:
1. One Day
2. SOL
3. Bussen
4. Border Control
5. Bytag
7. Crossings
8. Seadweller
9. The Truth
10. Arpe
11. Frost
12. Night Breed

Stream Eric Prydz’s One Day

Stream Eric Prydz’s SOL

Stream Eric Prydz’s Bussen

Stream Eric Prydz’s Border Control

Stream Eric Prydz’s Bytatag

Stream Eric Prydz’s INOX

Stream Eric Prydz’s Crossings

Stream Eric Prydz’s Seadweller

Stream Eric Prydz’s The Truth

Stream Eric Prydz’s Arpe

Stream Eric Prydz’s Frost

Stream Eric Prydz’s Night Breed